IBUS - Advanced Breast Imaging Seminar - TÄIENDATUD.


We wish to invite you to attend the IBUS - Advanced Breast Imaging Seminar
to be held on September 17 and 18, 2004 at the Reval Hotel Latvia in Riga, Latvia.
The seminar programme consists of lectures, workshops, panel discussion and case presentations,
and has been organized by the International Breast Ultrasound School (IBUS)
in conjunction with the Latvian Association of Roentgenologists and Radiologists (LRRA).
This seminar is the first comprehensive breast teaching programme in the Baltic States,
and has been structured to meet the requirements of continuing medical education
with contributions from an expert local and international faculty.
We look forward to seeing you in Riga.

Dr. Jack Jellins
Founding President - IBUS

Dr. Ardis Platkajis
President - LRRA

Täpne info on siin (doc-fail, 51 KB).

NB! Seminari soodusregistreerimine kestab 17.augustini. Saabunud on seminari kutsed ja programm trükitud kujul. Soovijatel palume pöörduda SA PER Radioloogiakeskuse sekretäri Riina Kozlovi poole tel. 697 1341.

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