10th European Course on Management in Radiology.
10th European Course on Management in Radiology
Self Management and Leadership
Reina Victoria Hotel
St. Moritz Bad - Switzerland
January 15-17, 2004

The Global Need
In these times of increasing competition, majors mergers and lack of finances, we see a global increase in the pressure on managers caused by constant changes and new business challenges. In addition, the daily world of the modern manager has altered dramatically...
We must influence, manage and lead not only our direct reports and other key people we regularly see face to face, but also personnel based at other sites, in other companies, perhaps in completely different countries. More often than not, we must get things done in such broad networks without formal authority and via technology such as e-mail and phone. In this way, we begin to build a picture which is familiar not only to Healthcare personnel, but also to other industries ranging from Automotive to Telecommunications to Information Technology.
Within this scenario each of us needs to take care of our own energy and strength to be able to continue to deliver high quality performance - especially under difficult conditions. The aim of this course on “Self-Management and Leadership” is to offer specific topics, approaches and tools to support you and your department in enhancing individual people skills and performance.
Specific Seminar Focus
From the individual point of view, leaders and team members are in danger of getting caught in different “Traps” under pressure conditions. Unfortunately these issues often remain hidden, as many people are reluctant to appear weak. Self Management is designed to provide tools for prevention and motivation to support individual performance.
From the organizational point of view, daily experience as well as professional and scientific concepts such as strategies, are only as good as the quality of the leadership which drives them. Especially in difficult times individual skills are clearly becoming more and more important. Ironically, at the same time we often hear complaints about a lack of people skills in everyday leadership routine, with a corresponding drop in motivation and quality.
The seminar focus will cover both, the individual as well as the organizational perspective.

Practical Seminar Goals
►You will find out how important self management tools are for Human Resources Management as well as your own daily working routine in the radiological departments
►You will learn about different approaches how to motivate yourself and others in times of changes and challenges
►You will learn about stress prevention and stress reduction
►You will practice specific coaching skills and tools to enhance motivation for yourself and others in everyday situations
►You will learn to recognize and deal with the specific people management challenges caused by distance - “Out of sight, out of mind”, culture (national, site and organizational) and (in some cases) time zones
► You will receive tips and tools on how to communicate most effectively through technologies such as email and phone, when face to face is no longer an option

Provisional Program
Part 1
Introduction. Understanding Self Management. Personality under construction: Lifelong development approach. Soft-skill-essentials
Part 2
Motivation and lack of time: Different ways to motivate oneself and others in times of permanent changes and challenges
Part 3
Theory and practice of stress prevention, stress reduction and stress management: Simple ways to keep mind and body in balance
Part 4
Self Management in action: Social skills and interaction with colleagues, personnel, patients and external partners
Part 5
From Communications to Coaching: How to offer coaching within a hierarchy structure. What are appropriate situations to apply coaching skills?
Part 6
Dealing with distance, culture, time and technology: How to manage “remotely”...

Through a lively combination of lectures, practical exercises, sharing and reflection we will examine and practice different self management tools to broaden our understanding of Human Resources Management, attempting at each turn to approach our topics from different points of view

The participation to the Course is open to all radiologists from European Countries.
The attendance will be limited to a maximum of 60 persons. Selection will be made on first-come-first-serve basis, using also geographical criteria, in order to ensure a broad participation from different European Countries.

Course Teachers
Gerard Pohl, Germany
Tony Poots, United Kingdom

Thanks to the Educational Grant received by the supporting companies, the organisation is able to cover lodging expenses (single room, IN Wed, 14th January - OUT Sat, 17th January) and social events

Registration fee 400,00 euro
To register please contact MIR office

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