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Kiri: IDKD 2011 in Greece 29.09.-02.10.11 (22.märts 2011)

Dear Colleague,

As you already know, since 43 years IDKD takes place every March in Davos,  Switzerland. It is the most important teaching course, presenting one particular subject each year, with worldwide famous scientists,  all experts  in their field.
The last three years we have had the honor to have this Course also in Greece.
Such Educational Seminars are a scientific and acamemic bridge between countries.
On behalf of the Scientific Board and me as the President of the Local Board, I would like to inform you that this year’s subject of “
IDKD 2011 IN GREECE” will be “Diseases of the Abdomen and Pelvis” and will take place on the island of Mykonos, 29/09/2011 – 02/10/2011.


Kind regards,

D. A. Kelekis
Professor of Radiology
University of Athens
President of the Local Board of the IDKD in Greece

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