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Kiri: RSNA 2010 Derek Harwood-Nash International Fellowship Program (15.märts 2009)

Dear Doctor:

I am pleased to announce that The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) is now accepting applications for the 2010 Derek Harwood-Nash International Fellowship Program. This Fellowship enables successful applicants to study at a North American radiology teaching institution for up to 12 weeks. Attached please find a letter and flyer that explain the program and provide instruction on how to access the application online.

The application deadline date is July 1, 2009. Application forms, wherever possible, should be submitted as e-mail attachments. However, the application will not be considered complete unless the supporting documents, with signatures, are received by fax or mail by the deadline. Questions concerning this program should be addressed to Fiona Miller at the RSNA office at (630) 590-7741 or e-mail at fmiller@rsna.org.


George A. Taylor, MD
Chairman, Committee on International Relations and Education


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