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ESMRMB 2006 Lectures on MR - Rapid Imaging: Echo Generation and Manipulation.
Dear Colleague, The European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology (ESMRMB) would like to inform you that there are still a few places left at the upcoming LECTURES on MR Course on Rapid Imaging: Echo Generation and Manipulation Essen/Germany, October 12-14, 2006 Main topics covered: - Spatial encoding, k-space and evolution of magnetization - Signal formation in rapid spin echo sequences - Signal formation in rapid gradient echo sequences - Other k-space trajectory imaging methods and reconstruction EPI - Rapid gradient echo sequences revisited Target group: The lectures are designed to provide a general and formal framework for the description and understanding of rapid multi-pulse experiments based on the Bloch equations and its Fourier-analogy, the extended phase graph in k-space. This advanced course is aimed at established MR physicists, engineers, and other communities with several years of direct and practical experience in MRI applications and/or MRI technological research and development, who seek a deeper understanding of rapid imaging principles. Registration: Registration is available online at http://www.esmrmb.org. Members of the ESMRMB enjoy, next to numerous benefits of our society, reduced fees for the course! Travel and hotel information: Recommended hotels are listed on the website including rates and contact information. For registration and further course details, please visit http://www.esmrmb.org We look forward to welcoming you to Essen and will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Best regards, ESMRMB Office Neutorgasse 9/2a AT - 1010 Vienna phone: +43-1-535 13 06 fax: +43-1-535 70 41 http://www.esmrmb.org

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