Statute of ESR




Radiology is a bridge to a better healthcare.
To be responsible for the construction and maintenance of this bridge - this is the main duty of the radiology staff (incl. radiologists, technicians, nurses, engineers, receptionists etc.), which has acquired the right to use modern medical technologies and IT tools for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes thanks to its professional knowledge and practical skills.
Estonian Society of Radiology (ESR, in Estonian - ERÜ) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation of radiology specialists. Its main aim is development of radiology in Estonia by means of quality improvement.

A substantial pre-requisite for construction and maintenance of a bridge is teamwork and collaboration, also with partners and users. Our website is designed to be a mirror of this teamwork and collaboration. We hope that the present mirror provides a good opportunity to have an unbiased reflection of our current position, to have a look at our past and to delineate new prospects behind the horizon.
I wish to all of us a happy arrival at a better healthcare!
Thank you very much for visiting this website!

Sergei Nazarenko